IWG Isolier Wendt is one of the leading suppliers in the field of industrial insulation and
environmental technology. The key focus of our activity is in the development and
manufacturing of products for the high temperature insulation as well as the sound insulation on
gas and vapour turbines.

We develop and produce tailored and individual insulations according to the specifications of
our customers and the present environmental conditions. In this way, we protect turbines,
generators and technical plants, in particular against high temperatures.

Furthermore, the company IWG Isolier Wendt is able to provide equally cost-efficient as well as
environmentally-friendly solutions against noise emissions. Examples include silencers,
capsules and noise-protection cabins.

The company IWG Isolier Wendt exists since more than 140 years. We advocate medium-sized
tradition and competence which has been passed on over generations. Due to our size, we act
flexibly on behalf of our customers and rely on quality and contemporary engineering without
any compromises.

The company IWG Isolier Wendt focuses strongly on trade and modern engineering. We
undertake your projects – customer-oriented and according to industrial guidelines.

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