Commitment / CSR

At the company IWG Isolier Wendt “Corporate Citizenship (CC)” or “Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)” have already been practised at a time when these anglicises had not
been customary in our German language yet. We see ourselves as a Berlin company which is
deeply anchored in our region. For this reason, we specifically promote young people, whose
motivation is matching our values and our approach.

Another example is the swimmer of the national league Kai Lehmann, who exercises at the
Olympic Centre in Berlin (OSP) and who swims for the SG Neukölln e.V. Berlin. We support
young athletes by establishing a communication platform in form of a fan page and, of course,
also financially.

This was and is accompanied by commitments of the company IWG Isolier Wendt in the rowing
and motor sport as well as in the ice hockey.

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