Your new working place:
Would you like to help us to write our success story with us? If you have any experiences as an
insulator in the assembly or if you are well versed in the thin sheet construction, we should
imperatively meet.

Working for the company IWG Isolier Wendt could take place depending on the qualification as
isolator, technical field assistant or supervisor in a national or international environment. Our
projects are versatile and diverse. You can look forward to a workshop with modern machines

and interesting tasks in the fields of sheet metal and metal processing or in the manufacturing of
covers, claddings and sheaths for pipes. In doing so, you are working on the basis of design

Your training with us:
Are you interested in a secure job in a technical environment? Then, we would be glad to train
you as construction mechanics in thin sheet structural engineering.

Please send you application to the company IWG Isolier Wendt GmbH, Nunsdorfer Ring 12,
12277 Berlin. We are looking forward to meet you.

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