Textile insulating systems

Textile insulating systems are for instance flexible insulation mattresses as they are used in the
high temperature insulation of gas and vapour turbines but also in machines, motors and
generators. The advantage is that the insulation is rapidly assembled and disassembled, which
saves time particularly during maintenance works. Furthermore, it would be possible to avoid
long downtimes for plant revisions.

Insulation mattresses made to measure distinguish themselves by excellent insulating
properties and can be easily replaced in case of wear.

Our systems are wrapped by an individually composed glass fabric. Due to the job specific
material selection it is possible to deliver exactly the thermal and mechanical properties which
comply with the customer request. Each mattress will be delivered with a flexible filling of highly
temperature-resistant insulating materials. At this, the used materials pass a continuous
suitability test and will permanently be evaluated according to the latest technology and will be
selectively renewed.

The insulation mattresses are assembled with hooks, buckles, belts and Velcro systems –
entirely in compliance with the requests of our customers.

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